Investment Opportunity

Never Dip Again. Save Time and Money with the Dipless Brush.

The Dipless Brush, an airless spraybrush attachment, was conceived and designed to eliminate the need for costly material extras and to reduce labor costs by getting rid of the need to ever dip a brush or refill a reservoir.

Compatible with Graco, Titan or other commercial airless spray machines, Now Patented the new Dipless Brush design combines airless sprayer technology with a modified conventional brush. It can be used for many application processes, such as, but not limited to:

                                      • oils, wood preservatives, paints, and stains in the painting industry
                                      • glues or adhesives in manufacturing
                                      • sauces such as BBQ and others in the food industry
                                      • urethane products in the flooring industry
                                      • detergents in the cleaning and janitorial industries

Originally designed for the painting industry, savings there are estimated at 25 – 30% for labor: no more dipping the brush, frequent descents on the ladder to refill or reload product, or changes of ladder or scaffold position. There’s an additional approximate 3%+ savings on materials no longer needed at the site of application such as paint pails, pail hooks, storage units or reservoirs for product.

While this product doesn’t replace the conventional brush or method for every application process, the benefits are very substantial!