The DIPLESS BRUSH is a hybrid paintbrush technology which takes the traditional two-step process of back-brushing and makes it into one easy step, with one simple tool.

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Increases Productivity by 4 to 10 times

The Dipless Brush takes the traditional two-step process of back brushing, usually consisting of two workers, and allows the application to be completed by one person, using one simple tool attached to your airless spray gun. The Dipless Brush is one of a kind delivery system and has shown to help reduce labor time by up to two-thirds. Additionally, due to the design and functionality of the Dipless Brush, it allows for cutting-in while applying product to a surface without having to remove the brush - just spray and back brush the application surface in one easy step, using one simple tool.


Helps Minimize, or Eliminate, Overspray

Traditional spraying often wastes product due to overspray when working on projects such as railings, fences, edge of structures, etc. Since Dipless Brushes are internally fed brushes which deliver product directly into the brush, it allows the product to exit from within the bristles, which helps minimize and eliminate overspray. With the squeeze of the trigger on your spray gun, the Dipless Brush delivers product where you need it, when you need it, allowing you to more precisely apply your product.


Reduces Labor and Materials

The Dipless Brush allows you to save on preparation time, as it reduces prep time and the need for extra materials such as, masking paper, plastic and tape. These items, which are typically single use, make the Dipless Brush a more economic and environmentally freindly option. Additionally, the Dipless Brush allows for more precise application, thus reducing the amount of product required for each application.

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