A:  Yes, Dipless Brushes, easily attach to most standard airless paint sprayers and equipment.

A:  Currently, there are two sizes, a 5 inch wood block brush and a 5 3/8 inch plsatic block brush.

A: Nylon Bristles

A:  This will depend on several factors, amount of use, types of products being used, and the type of surface in which it is being applied. 

Our brushes are Made in the USA, incorporating high quality materials for our brushes; which are intended for long lasting repetitive use. 

A:  The Dipless Brush is a spray brush attachment for your airless spray equipment (airless spray gun & sprayer).

A:  Please visit our Dipless Brush website: Diplessbrush.com or YouTube.

A:  Our multi-patented design allows our lines of, Dipless Brushes, to incorporate the use of Airless Spray Technology.  Our multi-patented design allows you to attach our brush attachment to your airless spray gun; which is trigger automated, that is being pressurized through the use of your airless sprayer – making our brushes 100% Dipless.

A:  Dipless Brush uses a hybrid technology, this means our products are a multi-piece system to achieve a “Dipless Application.”

A:  No, Dipless Brushes, weigh in at 12.6 oz for our painting and staining brush.

A:  No, Dipless Brushes, weigh in at 13 oz for our cleaning and sanitizing brush.

A:  If inserting, or removing,  and the connector is difficult, begin by trying to twist the connector while inserting into the top of the hole.  If twisting doesn’t work, attach a short spray pole, or spray gun, onto the connector nut, then use pole, or gun, for pulling power to remove the connector.

A:  Starter kits are $149.95 and replacement Dipless Brush heads are $119.95.  Please refer to our website for accurate pricing and currrent specials.