About Us

Dipless Brush Story

Thie Dipless Brush was conceived and designed to back brush products in one easy step.

Our new Hybrid Paintbrush technology allows you to easily attach our dipless paintbrushes to your standard airless paint sprayer, elimanting the need to have to ever dip your brush.

Our brand of dipless brushes allows you to apply and back brush products in one easy step!


A Few Words About

Our Company

As a lifelong painting contractor I developed our product out of necessity. We are committed to sharing our successes with you through our brand of Dipless Brushes.

Specifications & Features

  • Easy to use with standard airless paint sprayer
  • Interchangable spray tips control the varying volume, flow and discharge of products
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Easy cleaning for long lasting repetitive use
  • Replaceable brush heads